Artist in Residence: Anne Culverhouse-Evans

Evans, Anne Culverhouse; Doll in the Doorway; University of South Wales;

Anne is Valleys Kids’ Artist in Residence and curatesĀ  Art in the Attic: The Robert Maskrey Gallery which hosts regular exhibitions for artists, ranging from Anne’s art students and the Basement Artists to highly renowned artists such as Kevin Sinnott.

Anne runs weekly art classes at three of the Valleys Kids sites as well as residential art pilgrimages and summer schools.

Anne is highly qualified with both a first class Degree and Masters. She is a highly skilled and experienced socially engaged artist and tutor and has wide experience of working within Wales and beyond and has led the visual arts element of Valleys Kids’ partnership with Tate Modern through Tate Exchange. Anne has also nurtured a strong relationship with Artes Mundi the Internal Art Prize organisation. Anne was deeply involved with the Art’s Council Ideas, People and Places initiative.