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Curated by Artist in Residence/Co-production Co-ordinator: Anne Culverhouse Evans
Virtual gallery space designed by Guy Evans (Sparc / Valleys Kids)

Art in the Attic is a platform for local, national and international artists to share their work with the wider community, with exhibitions taking place each month. Come and see the exciting Art Exhibitions being frequently held by local artists.

Our resident artist Anne Culverhouse Evans also holds regular art classes in the vibrant, bright and airy attic studio above the office space of The Factory. Anne, as part of Valleys Kids, has developed strong proactive partnerships with prestigious Arts organisations across the UK and internationally including Artes Mundi and Tate Exchange.

We also have a stair-lift for those with limited mobility.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
T. Merton


Art in the Attic – The Robert Maskrey Gallery and associated programmes to be a world class offering; giving a platform for socially engaged practice within fine and visual arts achieving recognition as a centre of excellence. Working with children, young people and adults of all abilities we want to continue to offer life-changing opportunities through art.


To work with children, young people and to learn, develop, exhibit, promote, co-produce and engage their work in local communities. To engage local, national and international artists and their audiences in community initiatives.

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“Allsorts” - An Art Exhibition by Nick Hawksworth

“Allsorts” – An Art Exhibition

by Nick Hawksworth

Although Yorkshire born, I have been settled in S. Wales since 1991. For much of that time I have been a member of the local Cowbridge Art Society.

From an early age, drawing was a passion, often resulting in detailed studies of birds (one work from 1978 is included in the exhibition). After A levels, (including Art), medical training and a subsequent career as an eye surgeon (recently retired) gave limited opportunities for artistic pursuits. Art studies therefore meant an eclectic training over the years via numerous tutors including those at Llanover Hall in Cardiff, Arthur Phillips in Adelaide, Michael Chaitow, OCA degree modules & lately local artist Sarah Davies who has been influential in my recent mixed media work. 

A countryside affinity features in much of my artwork, as seen in many of the local scenes in this exhibition. Years of detailed watercolours followed school-age works of avian studies, but in the last year, I have returned to the ‘birds’ theme, though with a new approach concentrating on the background texture rather than the detail of the subject.

In general, I am inspired by contrasts; whether that contrast is tonal, colour, old versus new, or perhaps situational. Although I use photographic references for much of my painting, almost all pictures, with the exception of the bird pictures, represent a memory of a place I have known or visited.

This exhibition reflects some of the various approaches I have adopted in recent years alongside some earlier work for comparison. I’ve also included some of my raku-fired ceramic work I’ve enjoyed producing recently (credit to Jane Malvisi for expert guidance & raku firing). 

Favourite Art Quote (from a favourite artist):

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint” 

Edward Hopper

Contact/Further Info:

Facebook: Nick Hawksworth Artist
Twitter: @eye2iart
Instagram: @eye2iart

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks , please contact the artist via the email:

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Artist in Residence: Anne Culverhouse-Evans

Evans, Anne Culverhouse; Doll in the Doorway; University of South Wales;

Anne is Valleys Kids’ Artist in Residence and curates  Art in the Attic: The Robert Maskrey Gallery which hosts regular exhibitions for artists, ranging from Anne’s art students and the Basement Artists to highly renowned artists such as Kevin Sinnott.

Anne runs weekly art classes at three of the Valleys Kids sites as well as residential art pilgrimages and summer schools.

Anne is highly qualified with both a first class Degree and Masters. She is a highly skilled and experienced socially engaged artist and tutor and has wide experience of working within Wales and beyond and has led the visual arts element of Valleys Kids’ partnership with Tate Modern through Tate Exchange. Anne has also nurtured a strong relationship with Artes Mundi the Internal Art Prize organisation. Anne was deeply involved with the Art’s Council Ideas, People and Places initiative.


Valleys Kids’ Art @ Tate Exchange

This year Valleys Kids celebrate 40 years of working with and for ex-mining communities in the Rhondda Valleys and as part of our week long residency in the Switch House of Tate Exchange, we brought ‘Home Made’, an Art installation/performance piece in the form of a Rhondda Front Room, conceived by Valleys Kids’ artist-in-residence, Anne Culverhouse Evans.

We shared the space with our Tate Exchange partners: Canterbury Christchurch University, People United and University of Kent, working closely with this year’s lead artist Clare Twomey.

Also part of Tate Exchange were Valleys Kids Youth Arts project Sparc with the young people from the Rhydyfelin project in their Pop Up Youth Club.

Valleys Kids adult art group have developed the theme “Home Made” reflecting traditional skills passed down through generations, skills that are creative and that with each new generation offer the opportunity for a new twist for a contemporary feel in the pieces produced.

This project featured continuous performances, each one lasted about an afternoon, enacting the everyday processes of crochet. In a room bedecked with artefacts from a typical miner’s home of the 1950’s, members of the public were invited to sit and contribute to an ever-increasing crochet chain alongside members of a Rhondda arts and craft circle. As this material chain was being fashioned, a second non-material chain came into being, with each contributor starting to converse with those around them – that of memory and shared experience, reaching across generations and communities.

As hundreds of visitors contributed to this ever growing chain, Anne gave out 40 Welsh dragon emblazoned bags, to individuals from different parts of the world, each containing a crochet hook, a ball of wool and an invitation to contribute to the chain.  The hope is to link Rhondda communities with the rest of the world – as coal and steel linked it in its industrial heyday.

Anne and her Art groups were delighted to receive the  first international chain, which arrived from Germany this week.  They are looking forward to extending the chain during the year with more chains sent back to her from across the world.

For more information please contact:

More crochet chains welcome, from anywhere on earth, please send them to:
Anne Culverhouse Evans
Valleys Kids, The Factory
Jenkin Street, Porth, Rhondda CF39 9PP


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