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Mama told me not to come! : Quotes from the mams, nans & mother figures in your life

You know that you’ve been brought up by a Welsh woman when a cup of tea and a cwtch solves most of life’s problems. We asked what were people’s memories of things their mothers/grandmothers/ mother figures said to them.

Here’s a selection..many we find ourselves saying to our own children!

“Who is she belonging to?” –   when you are telling them about a person you have met.

“I don’t care who started it, but I’m finishing it!”   – that fight with your sibling!

“Rolls Royce ideas, bicycle money”  – when you are just dreaming too big and need to be reminded !

“Wait till your father get’s home!”  – when you did something really bad!

“Take your coat off or you won’t feel the benefit when you go out” – temperature  control!

You’re not going to leave that, are you? Those children in Bosnia [insert current international crisis here] would kill for that!” –  addressing the issue of food waste!

‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ – money management advice.

“Who do you think you are talking to the cats mother?” – when you are being too chopsy!

“If the wind changes your face will stay like that” –  beauty advice.

“Eat your crust or you won’t have curly hair” – hairdressing tips.

“When I was young….” – used to remind you how easy you had it!

If you’re not in by the time the street lights are on, you are grounded”  – time management tips

“Don’t sit on that cold floor you’ll get piles”  – medical advice

‘Learn to dance, or you’ll forever be a social outcast’ – how to make friends and influence people.

Massive thanks to all that contributed, you know who you are!