Steve Dudley

Steve, originally from Trebanog, moved to Tonyrefail when he was 16.

He studied law and sociology at university and served  in the forces where he was chosen as one of the bearers of  the Duke of Windsor’s coffin in 1972.  

Steve dabbled in painting about 30 years ago but he said “ life just got in the way”  and it wasn’t until he ran into Anne Culverhouse Evans at Art in the Attic a few years ago, he became caught up in the whirlwind of art and painting again. Through joining the Valleys Kids’ art sessions in Penygraig, run by Anne, Steve has taken the  opportunity to visit art galleries and institutions in London such as The Tate and the Royal Academy and to take part in art residentials.

Steve is self taught and became an admirer of the Chiaroscuro method. He describes Vincent Van Goug

h as the love of his life and has been inspired to produce a number of Van Gough’s paintings, including Starry Night and the Sunflowers. Steve also paints portraits and landscapes, some of which are pictured here, with his favourite medium being oil.

 With Anne, Artist in Residence,  guiding him in light, shape and form Steve modestly  says “I think I’m getting there!”

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