Welcome to Factory Time

Factory Time is an exciting and groundbreaking initiative that encourages you to take part in your community by joining a network.
All it takes is 4 easy steps

  • Step 1:
    Become an active member of Factory Time by contacting us at The Factory, Jenkin Street, Porth
    Tel: 01443 808855
    Email: info@factoryporth.uk
  • Step 2:
    As a member of Factory Time you can give an hour of your time to take part in a range of activities that you will help to develop
  • Step 3:
    Members gain Time Credits for every hour they spend volunteering within the Factory Time Community.
    One Hour = One Time Credit
  • Step 4:
    You can use your Time Credits on different activities and events. So, if you use the Play Factory for two hours long the admission fee is two Time Credits.



You can earn time credits through volunteering your time, skills and unique talents.  While we will be offering opportunities for you to earn time credits, we would love to hear from you with your ideas of how you can contribute!!

Exchanging your time credits

We are a member of Tempo Time Credits so credits you have earned can be used nationally or can be used with Valleys Kids for play sessions, activities and much more!

To find out more about Tempo Time Credits click here: