Fairtrade Fortnight Focus on Chocolate

Did you know that most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate?  

Cocoa is sold from the farms before it is turned into chocolate. The end product is a luxury that very few cocoa farmers will ever be able to afford. 

The average cocoa farmer in West Africa earns well below the extreme poverty line, only receiving less than 7 percent of the value of their cocoa, compared to manufacturers who take a 35 percent share and retailers 44 percent. By choosing  a Fairtrade chocolate you are taking a stand against exploitation .

Edith is a Fairtrade cocoa farmer living in Côte d’Ivoire. She is a leader, a farmer and a single mother. Edith’s life hasn’t been easy, but her experiences have inspired her to change things for the better for herself, her family and her community. Listen to her inspiring story here

Think you know a choc-o-lot about chocolate ? Take the  quiz

Why not make some Fair trade chocolate cupcakes?

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