Basement Art : Dawn Hoban

Dawn Hoban is  one of the artists that make up Basement Art here in The Factory.

Dawn Hoban lives and works in the Rhondda . She graduated from UWIC in 1999 with a BA in Fine Art.

An accomplished artist, who is able to work in most mediums and disciplines, Dawn’s favourite medium to work in, by far, is clay. She says, “I waited 20 years to be able to, at last, work with clay. Theres is nothing quite like it.”

The series of work  shown here is steeped in the history of the Rhondda.  It depicts a way of life from past to present whilst  questioning progress itself.

Dawn says:

“The Factory has given me  a base to work and develop as an artist and has been an amazing support to me through the ups and downs of life. I  owe so much to Elise, Anne, Richard and Margaret.”

Watch the  incredibly powerful video of three pieces of Dawn’s art work here.

Contact Dawn: [email protected]

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