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Helping Working Families funds projects that bring about positive change in the lives of working families who are affected by poverty and supporting a child

Welcome to Factory Time

Factory Time is an exciting and groundbreaking initiative that encourages you to take part in your community by joining a network.

All it takes is 4 easy steps

Step 1: Become an active member of Factory Time by contacting us at The Factory, Jenkin Street, Porth
Tel: 01443 808855
Email: thefactory@valleyskids.biz

Step 2: As a member of Factory Time you can give an hour of your time to take part in a range of activities that you will help to develop

Step 3: Members gain Time Credits for every hour they spend volunteering within the Factory Time Community.
One Hour = One Time Credit

Step 4: You can use your Time Credits on different activities and events. So, if you use the Play Factory for 2 hours long the admission fee is 2 Time Credits.