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Family Art Activity 2: Drawing a 3D hand

Drawing a 3D hand

What you will need.

  • A piece of card or A4 paper
  • A pencil (or pen)
  • A ruler (or something that has a straight edge)
  • A rubber (just in case)
  • Optional coloured pencils or felt pens
  • 1. Place your hand on the paper or card and draw around it.


    2. Now use the ruler to mark out measurement on either (short) side of the card. I have used centimetres but you can choose to use smaller or bigger spaces if you want.
    3. Once you have marked out both sides of your card/paper you need to use your ruler to draw your lines across the card. When you get to the hand that you have drawn, be careful and just draw the lines in between the finger spaces.


    4. Your card/paper should now look like this.
    5. Now you need to join the lines up either side of the fingers but make your lines curve to give the fingers more shape and make them look 3D.
    6. Take your time to join the lines up over the back part of your hand.
    8. You now have a 3D hand. You can choose to leave it black and white or colour it in using coloured pencils or felt pens.

    or colour it in using coloured pencils or felt pens.